Concept and project management – Heike Stockhaus.
Concept and project management – Heike Stockhaus.
Studied literature, linguistics, philosophy and art history. Since 1987 she works as  curator for Ernst Barlach Gesellschaft  Hamburg and has organized numerous exhibitions on the art of classical modernism and contemporary in Germany, Europe, Turkey and Iran. She also developed multiple didactic methods to encourage young people to participating in and emancipate society through art. Increasingly, theories of degrowth and international peace development have influenced her work in recent years.
Assistant project management – Darya Yakubovich.
Born in Minsk, she studied computer linguistics at Moscow State Lomonosov University and Minsk State Linguistic University, where she herself was teaching. Since 2014 she has been living in Germany and studying art history focussing on Western European art of Middle Ages and Modern Art at the University of Hamburg. She regards the face art – face future project as an excellent opportunity to engage herself into the dialogue of diverse cultures which is important regarding today’s socio-politically complex situation.
Project organization – Ole Stark.
Studied classical archeology and economics focussing on human resources, organization, quality management and business accounting. Since 1999 he has been involved in planning, execution, exhibition registry and controlling of Ernst Barlach Gesellschaft Hamburg projects.